Copy of How it works

What’s inside the kit?

Image with the following info:

Comfort Fit Mouthpiece

Whitening Accelerator LED light

2 syringes containing 5 mL of the whitening gel

Bonus Whitening Pen!


How to Oralgen?

3 easy steps for a whiter smile! 

Detailed how to use:

  1. If it is your first time using the kit, wash the kit in cold water making sure the water does not reach the LED light (light can be taken out of the mouthpiece for easy cleaning) then dry the mouthpiece using a towel.
  1. Apply the gel by pushing the top of the syringe lightly; try aiming at the inner wall of the mouthpiece to make sure the gel covers the entirety of your teeth. Apply 0.5 mL of the gel on each side of the mouthpiece (1mL in total) for each session.
  1. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and activate the LED light for better whitening. Keep in place for 20 minutes. If it is your first session, you might experience an excess in saliva production, this is normal and should decrease in later sessions.
  1. DO NOT SWALLOW WHILE WHITENING! If you feel like you have too much saliva, you can take out the mouthpiece and spit the extra saliva then put the mouthpiece back in place. Try to not take the mouthpiece out more than 2 times per sessions as this will decrease the amount of gel being used and so the effectiveness of your treatment.
  1. When the 20 minutes are over, take out the mouthpiece and rinse your mouth making sure to get rid of all gel residue. Wash the mouthpiece with warm water making sure the water does not reach the LED light (light can be taken out of the mouthpiece for easy cleaning) then dry the mouthpiece using a towel. Place the mouthpiece in the container when done.
  1. SMILE!

What to do when whitening?

Oralgen and Chill



Read a book

Study – Work

Put make up

Get your social media fix for the day

Whiten like a Pro

The teeth whitening diet:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bagel, vanilla or plain yogurt, cereal with milk, and white or green tea, water, or apple juice.

Snacks: Pretzels, chips, crackers, bananas, apples, pears and white chocolate.

Lunch/Dinner: Sandwiches, white cheeses, rice and vegetable dishes, pasta with cream sauce, white fish, chicken, potatoes, white pizza (with cream sauce instead of marinara).

Coffee & Tea Lovers:

The good news for tea lovers and coffee lovers is that you can still drink your favorite beverage! Use a straw when drinking, just make absolutely sure that the beverage does not reach your teeth; or else all is ruined :(

What not to eat?

During your whitening treatment and for 48 hours after your last whitening session your teeth will be extremely vulnerable to stains. That’s because the whitening process makes the tooth enamel more porous and likely to absorb pigments from foods and beverages.

Of course you’ve heard by now that eating certain foods will ****cause your teeth to stain and decrease your whitening treatment efficacy. The most obvious foods to stay from are:

Coffee, tea, soda, wine, chocolate and red sauce

However there are other foods that you might not be aware of such as:

Curry, vinegar and vinaigrette dressings, fruits, berries, ketchup and colored candies


It is very important to stop smoking during your whitening treatment to get the results you are looking for. If you are not willing to stop smoking during the whitening treatment then we cannot guarantee the best results for you. The best thing you can do in that case is try to minimize smoking as much as possible and to always wash your mouth after a smoke.

Oralgen & you

Long-term whitening buddy

On average you need more than 2 whitening treatments per year, and that’s where Oralgen comes in! It makes your teeth whitening effort so much easier ****because you can do it at home and whenever you want.

Safe whitening

Oralgen is FDA cleared, made of dentist grade ingredients, and safe! Unlike many of the common Do It Yourself whitening treatments that will ultimately harm your teeth.

By purchasing an Oralgen whitening kit or gel you have clinical guarantees that the product will not only work, but that it’s safe to use.

H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)

The main ingredient used in teeth bleaching by dentists is hydrogen peroxide. The advantage of using hydrogen peroxide gel is that it works fast and its effectiveness increases with contact time. We recommend using the kit for no more than 30 mins at a time to avoid teeth sensitivity.

TO NOTE: Using too much gel will cause H2O2 to reach your gums which will very likely burn a little bit, so if you feel a burn on your gums that might mean you are using too much get and should probably use a smaller amount for your next session.

Possible side effects of teeth whitening

The following are side effects you can experience with any professional teeth whitening treatment. 


This the most common side effect with usual whitening treatments. However if you use the Oralgen Whitening gel for the recommended amount of time (20 mins) you should not experience any sensitivity. It is important that if it does happen from overuse, there’s no need to worry, this side effect is not permanent and will go away once you stop your whitening treatment.


Gum blanching

This is when gums become slightly whiter than usual, which may be accompanied by mild burning. This is not a permanent, it is only a temporary effect and can be treated by doing the following:

- Rinse your mouth out with water making sure to remove all of the whitening product from your mouth

- If severe, take Vitamin E supplements to help accelerate the healing



Teeth can take on a slight to moderate blue or a “chalky” white color. This is also a temporary effect due to overuse, simply stop using your product until your teeth return to a more normal color. Afterwards, continue using the product for shorter periods of time with less frequency.